3 Tips on Caring For Your Leather & Exotic Accessories

3 Tips on Caring For Your Leather & Exotic Accessories

Every exotic-skinned accessory is very unique from the durability, to size, color and price and caring for your exotic-skinned or leather item is important to the investment you’ve made. When referring to exotic-skinned accessories, some of our personal favorites are in that eccentric category range from alligator to ostrich. These exoctic skins may require a few extra steps for their care. 

When you get your first custom made, distinctive accessory, we know it can be a struggle to figure out how to “treat” and care for your luxury item effectively. Below, we’ve compiled 4 key tips for caring for your Glover and Wyre leather accessories to help get you started. If you have any doubts or questions, you can always head over to our Instagram page and DM us for any additional advice on your specific or custom made item!


Polish often to refresh the shine and appearance of your leather goods. Like jewelry, leather needs TLC to keep its color, shine and elegance. Deborah, CEO of Glover & Wyre, recommends using Reptan polish and a white t-shirt or cloth to polish up your accessories. The white t-shirt or cloth will help you polish your leather well and also prevent the transfer of dyes that come from other cloth items. 


When caring for full grain or top grain leather accessories, we recommend a 4-way conditioner. Clean first with a slightly damp cloth – emphasis on slightly to prevent damage to your leather. Layout your accessory and wait until it is dry, then apply the 4-way conditioner with a soft cloth. After waiting about 10 minutes proceed to buff your leather accessory to restore shine and get it ready to wear or use again.

Store Properly 

Use a belt hanger or organizer to prevent creases and folds in your belts. This also helps you to fight off the breaking down in the leather or exoctic skin over time. Proper storage is very important to belts and shoes so that they don’t lose their shape. Keeping them stored in cloth bags or dust bags to help avoid scratches and wear is advised.  

Believe it or not, even exoctic-skinned accessories don’t take well to water. So just remember happy leather is dry leather! So be cautious of where you might store it. A garage or high humid space may not be the best fit for your accessories. 

As always, reach out to ask when in doubt! Don’t forget to subscribe to more tips on wearing, caring for your accessories and new products as they launch this year!