How To Care For Exotic Leather

Exotic products are luxurious and offer a unique feeling of sophistication, and because exotic leather is incredibly durable it’s a great choice for items, such as belts, wallets, shoes, etc. In order to maintain value and longevity, it’s important to take proper care of exotic products. That’s why we’ve put together some tips for caring for exotic leather.


Avoid Water

It’s important to avoid excessive water exposure and keep your exotic products away from rain, puddles, etc. Water can cause exotic skins to develop spots or stains, and can lead to cracking as the leather dries out. 



If your exotic products are exposed to water, make sure to gently dry them with a clean cloth, until the majority of the water is gone. Once you have removed most of the water, place your exotic products in a cool, indoor space to finish drying. It’s important to make sure you do not place exotic skins in direct sunlight or heat, as these can cause skins to crack and become discolored over time. 



Store your exotic products in a cool, dry environment. Dust bags can also be beneficial, as they prevent exotic skins from being exposed to dirt, dust, and other damaging particles. 



It’s important to remove dirt, dust, and grime from exotic skins, regularly. To remove dirt, carefully wipe the exotic leather with a soft, damp cloth in a circular motion. You can also use a cleaning brush (ex: horse hair brush) to remove more substantial dirt. Make sure to remove as much moisture as possible and allow exotic products to fully dry in a cool area following cleaning. 


With the proper care, you can better maintain the value and the longevity of your exotic products.


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