Groomsmen Gift Ideas - Wedding Season 2022

Wedding season is upon us, and between working with vendors, choosing a cake, and planning every little detail for your big day, you may not have the time to come up with the perfect gift for your groomsmen. You want to give them something special - something unique that reflects your appreciation for them and their influence in your life. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some the best leather groomsmen gifts for the 2022 wedding season. 


Leather Wallet - For men, there is one accessory that really matters - their wallet! Leather wallets make excellent groomsmen gifts because they are stylish, timeless, durable, and useful from day-to-day. Celebrate your groomsmen with unique, handcrafted leather wallets from Glover & Wyre. Our leather wallets are handcrafted, using high quality leathers and exotic materials, and made with next-level attention to detail.


Leather Keychain & Tags - Leather keychains and tags are great for your busy, on-the-go groomsmen. With their sophisticated, unique design, they provide an additional element of luxury to everyday life. They can be used for car keys, house keys, or added to a backpack or briefcase as a stylish accessory. At Glover & Wyre, our leather key chains and tags are handmade and stitched with precision to create a premiere, top-notch gift that your groomsmen will love.  


Leather Passport Holder - Leather passport holders are great for your adventurous groomsmen. Whether they’re constantly traveling for business, always exploring new places, or just eager to take their first international trip, a leather passport holder is an essential. At Glover & Wyre, our durable passport holders are designed to keep their passport safe and protected, so they can get the most out of their next trip. 


Leather Card Holder - Minimalist leather card holders make it easy to carry less, without compromising on the important stuff. Minimalist card holders combine luxury and practicality to provide your groomsmen with a simple, elegant experience each day. At Glover & Wyre, we’ve designed our minimalist leather card holders to make it easy to manage their important items, like ID, credit card, and debit card, without the need for a bulky wallet.  


Don’t wait until the last minute to find the perfect groomsmen gifts. Visit our website to checkout our full collection of timeless leather goods!