Leather Coaster

There are many things that shape our lives and our futures. Some people run from adversity while others face it head on. In 2014 that is exactly what happened.Textures of the Soul was birthed out of the need for something more, real and lasting. The company strives to reach into the soul of the customer and bring forth that which is most meaningful and enduring.

Our founder, Deborah Davis, started Textures of the Soul as a T-Shirt and accessory company specializing in gemstones.  It was the platform she chose to express positive messages while showcasing a clean and fashionable statement for both men and women.

Ms. Davis is one who enjoys life to the fullest and makes the most out of whatever crosses her path. She was born on the Caribbean island of Antigua and moved to the United States as a teenager.  The life lessons taught by her family, who raised her, instilled integrity, honesty and always “doing the right thing.”